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The Literary Group International welcomes the opportunity to consider serious new voices. The best way for you to represent your manuscript once it is on our desks is to present us with a polished, professional submission by following these guidelines exactly.

The requirements for submission are:

Electronic Submissions Only
Please send all submissions to Frank Weimann at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Cover Letter
The letter should include author's name, address, phone number, and email address. It should include a clear indication of whether the book is Fiction or Nonfiction, a single paragraph synopsis of the book’s plot, as well as the book's title and word count. If the book is not completely finished, an estimated completion date should be given. For fiction, it is generally advisable to have a completed manuscript before seeking an agent.

The author's credentials that are pertinent to the book should be listed on a separate page. The list should include previously published books, any short stories that have appeared in an anthology or a magazine, any writing contests or awards won, any employment that has provided experience in the book's subject, etc. The list should differentiate between how many have actually been published, and by whom.

The synopsis should be limited to two single-spaced pages and cover the entire book, including the ending to mysteries and thrillers.

Writing Sample
The sample should be the first fifty double-spaced pages. Please make sure the pages are numbered. The header at the top of left of each page should include the author’s last name and the title of the work (If the title is long, shorten it to one or two key words).

Helpful Hints
Remember, we are looking for originality of voice. The best way for your submissions to stand out is to make it as professional as possible.

* Use 8” x 11” pages
* Use 1” margins all around
* Double Space
* Use a clear, readable, 12 Pt. Font
* Paginate consecutively throughout (not Chapter 2 Page 5)

Submission Policy
The Literary Group International asks for a 30-day exclusivity period, beginning from the date the material is received. There is no reading fee. Due to the number of manuscripts we receive, we can not provide written or oral evaluations of submitted material or reasons why we decide to decline to represent an author or project.

Review and Notification

All submissions are read by a qualified member of The Literary Group International's staff and a decision is made as to whether or not to request more material. The requested material is then read by one of our agents who makes the final decision as to whether or not to offer representation. If the decision is positive, the author will be contacted, then sent copies of the agency agreement to sign and return. Due to the enormous volume of materials received, The Literary Group International will only respond to those authors whose work we intend to pursue.