Patricia Moreno

Patricia Moreno is one of the most respected fitness instructors today. With more than twenty years of experience as a dynamic fitness instructor, she has been a pioneer in the industry. Teaching at the prestigious Equinox Fitness Clubs in New York City, Patricia has a devoted following of students who swear by her intenSatiTM, danceSatiTM, yogaSatiTM, coreSatiTM, and warriorSatiTM classes. She teaches her techniques to other instructors worldwide. In addition, the press, including Shape and W magazines, as well as The New York Sun and ABC News, have recognized her unique talent. Patricia has been named Best Fitness Instructor by Allure Magazine and New York Magazine twice. In 2006, Patricia was named Presenter of the Year at ECA, one of the largest fitness conventions of the year. She is the co-creator of Powerstrike Kickboxing and Powerstrike IMPACT. She’s often a headlining presenter at Nike events and IDEA. Patricia was recently asked to be a Reebok-sponsored athlete. Patricia’s lifestyle and fitness guide, IntenSati, includes emotional and spiritual elements in addition to physical exercises, and was published by Simon Spotlight.