Dr. Belisa Vranich

Dr. Belisa Vranich is an established clinical psychologist and media personality. She is a former weekly columnist for the New York Daily News and a current contributor at The Huffington Post. Dr. Belisa is also a regular guest on The Today Show, Good Morning, America, CNN with Anderson Cooper and Paula Zahn, VH1, Your Total Health, Fox and Friends, Fox News, CNBC, and Inside Edition.

Dr. Vranich is a leading expert in topics from death and bereavement to issues relating to parenting, couples and relationships, trauma, and addiction. She is the author of numerous books including Get A Grip: Your Two Week Makeover (Wiley), and The Seven Beliefs: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help Latinas Recognize and Overcome Depression (Rayo). Her latest book, Boys Lie: How Not to Get Played, is a collection of the most common lies proliferated by boys, and an assessment of the rationales behind them, and will be published by HCI.