Brad and Barry Klinge

Brad and Barry Klinge stormed onto the scene in 2007 with the founding of the paranormal investigation group Everyday Paranormal after 20 years of private research. Since then they have been relentless in their methods and their campaign to inspire a paradigm shift in the paranormal field. The Klinge brothers currently star in the Discovery Channel series Ghost Lab, where their radical approach is having far-reaching effects on the paranormal community. Using conventional and theoretical mainstream science, the duo has captured unparalleled evidence of the paranormal and developed groundbreaking new theories about why paranormal activity exists and what causes it to occur. They use cutting-edge technology, real-time analysis, scientific consultants from such prestigious higher education institutions as MIT and Berkeley, a vast library of data, and—most important—the down-home common sense of two regular guys who love what they do. Chasing Ghosts Texas Style is published by Thomas Dunne Books.