Camy Baker

Camy Baker is an honor roll student at Los Angeles High School. She is the author of several books for young adults, including Love You Like a Sister (Skylark) and How to Be Popular in the Sixth Grade (Skylark).

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How to Be Popular in the Sixth Grade

by Camy Baker

Help is on the way with Camy Baker's advice books! Camy's fresh, down to earth guidance speaks directly to girls about issues that concern them the most, and she does it without being patronizing.

Girls everywhere will relate to Camy's witty, fun approach to life and all of the challenges of becoming your own person.

In How to Be Popular in the Sixth Grade, Camy has the winning formula for ruling the school! Twelve-year-old Camy and her family have moved to Illinois from Beverly Hills, and she has had enough experiences to tell readers what they need to know about fitting in, wanting to be liked, and trying to be popular. Camy's advice for being popular is about being yourself and being good to others -- words of wisdom for readers of any age!

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Love You Like a Sister

by Camy Baker

30 Cool Rules for Making & Being a Better Best Friend

* Rule #1: Always and forever cherish your true friends
* Rule #12: Show your friend you care.
* Rule #20: If a friend bothers you, it's okay to tell them

Having good friends is one of the most important things for a kid. I should know, because I, Camy Baker, once started at a new school in a new town, and I had absolutely no friends! And believe me, even if you're as outgoing as I am, making friends can be tough. Sometimes you just don't know how to make them. Other times a problem comes up between you and a friend and you're not sure what to do. Well, I have come up with a list of rules to help you make and be a better friend. Because having friends is great. Go, girls, go!

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