Clayton Moore

Clayton Moore, the author of I Was That Masked Man (Taylor Trade Publishing), portrayed the Lone Ranger in 221 television episodes over five seasons as well as in two feature films. Before his death, he also appeared in more than forty other feature films, making him one of the most prolific serial stars in the history of Republic Pictures.

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I Was That Masked Man

by Clayton Moore with Frank Thompson

Every baby boomer in America knows who that masked man was. He was mysterious and mythic at the same time, the epitome of the American hero: compassionate, honest, patriotic, inventive, an unswerving champion of justice and fair play. This biography, written with Frank Thompson, details Moore's career before and after his years with Tonto, sketches in his personal life, and relates how his fans were outraged when, in 1979, Moore was legally forbidden to wear his famous mask in public appearances.

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